National High School Gymnastics Association

Are you interested in becoming a member of the National High School Gymnastics Association?

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​3 Types of Memberships

Active Member:

Any adult who is currently coaching or judging women’s high school gymnastics or has had a minimum of 5 years coaching/judging at the women’s high school level is eligible to become a voting member.  

Professional Member: 

Other professionals, with 4 or less years of coaching, who have a strong commitment to, participate in and have an involvement in High School gymnastics may become professional members.  This may include judges, certified officials, technicians and other individuals who have an area of expertise and are actively involved in High School gymnastics programs and activities.  Votes for these members will be counted individually at ½ value of a vote of an Active Member. 

Associate Member

Any person of integrity, working with or interested in 

gymnastics shall be eligible to become and

associate member. Associate members shall have no 

voting rights in the corporation.

​If you are interested in paying online please use PayPal and send it to   Please add a $4 processing fee.